Why Do Rich Men Turn to Dating Sites?

rich men dating sitesWe all know a successful man who seems to have it all.

They have everything they could possibly want – money, power, confidence, success, and a long and impressive title on their business cards. They have the world at their feet, in every aspect, except for one. They just can’t make a love connection.

Meet Franklin Financier. He’s funny, smart, and very successful. He’s only 40 years old, was voted most likely to succeed at his college, and didn’t disappoint. He’s running his own Fortune 500 Company that he built from the ground up. He owns two homes debt free, and enjoys lavish vacations a membership at an exclusive golf course. He seems to have everything, except love. No matter how many dates he goes on, he just can’t make a love connection.

One day, Franklin decides to put matters into his own hands and joins a dating site. He pays $100 a month (pocket change to him) to have a computer generate possible matches for him based on what he and his female counterpart, are looking for.

The question that his friends, colleagues and family (especially his mother, who’s scared to death he’ll meet the wrong woman who will break his heart) ask, is why? Why would someone who is so successful unable to find a match organically? Why would he need to rely on a dating service?

To Franklin, there is no shame in a dating service, and he’s right. See, to men like Franklin, relationships need to be approached practically. Romance and instant attraction is well and good, but it’s the commonalities and mutual respect and goals that make a relationship last. A computer can find all of these things for him. He’s taking his search seriously, and treating it like a job interview, because it is important to him.

He’s used to being in charge, and taking matters into his own hands. He runs a company, and if things don’t work out the way he plans, he tries something else. He’s treating his love life the same way. He hasn’t found a long-term relationship by meeting women through the usual channels – parties, mutual friends, and work – so he’s creating his own path.

In this day and age, using dating services is so commonplace that it’s definitely not something to be embarrassed about. Today, as many as one in four people are said to have met their spouses online. That’s a huge percentage if you compare it to the numbers five years ago. The point is, if you know what you want, you go for it. Sometimes, it’s the destination, not the path.