Sugar Daddy For Me Review

sugar daddy for me

Conclusion: Sugar Daddy For Me is second only to Seeking Arrangement in membership size and Alexa traffic rank. It has a huge user base of sugar daddies and sugar babies, some unique and easy-to-use dating features, and a 3-day free trial which enables you to really use the site and see if you like it before you buy a monthly membership.

At a Glance

Online Since: 2005
Alexa Rank: 14,826 (the smaller the number the better the site)
Their Motto: Meet Beautiful People, Build a Relationship & Experience Luxury
Number of Users: 4+ Million Members in Total, About 3 Million Sugar Babies & 1 Million Sugar Daddies
Users Are Mostly From: United States and Canada
Monthly Cost: $35 for Silver; $40 for Gold; Total Access Add-on: $15
Website Address:

How the site works

  • Create your dating profile and upload your photos.
  • Browse who’s online or perform a search to see if there is someone for you.
  • Searches can be performed by the following criteria:

    • Basic search: gender, age, location, photo only, online now
    • Advanced search: race, body type, martial status, birthday, height
  • You can use the 3-day free trial to initiate and reply to messages. However, remember that by doing this the site has your credit card info. Therefore, you need to contact their customer service to cancel your membership if you don’t want to use the site earlier before your 3-day free trial expires because it might take 48 hours to get a response from the site.
  • If you like what you see, your monthly membership plan will be auto-renewed every month, unless you contact the customer service to cancel it. It is the same on all rich men dating sites.

Unique features of

  • You can post your weekly schedule on your profile to let others know when you might be available for a date.
  • Offline VIP events in New York City – Meet and get to know each other in person.
  • 3-day free trial and 5-day full access pass for 99 cents.
  • Audio/Video IM
  • Profile notes – something that only you can see as a reminder of certain things about a member.

Typical testimonials by daters

  • Positive testimonials we found on

    • I love this site! I’ve had the best experiences on this site and met some great people. This site is awesome!

      By Alexandria, a 21 yrs. old sugar baby from Chicago

    • is the most productive dating site I’ve been on. It matches women who are open to sugar daddy relationships, where both parties are typically aware of the aspects of such a relationship, whereas on other sites there’s a lot of posturing between parties…

      By mrtightlines, a 57 yrs. old sugar daddy from Denver

    • I’ve communicated with several sugar daddies over the last two years. Whether I meet someone or not, it’s nice to know there’s a site that I can come to that gives me the dating options I’m looking for.

      By Carmelisious, a 30 yrs. old sugar baby from Duluth

    • Overall it is a great site. It offers a wide variety of sugar babies to suit any taste. I met a wonderful sugar baby on here 2 years ago, and I enjoyed every minute that we spent together. She exceeded my expectations, and I never thought that I would meet someone of her caliber on a sugar daddy website. Keep up the good work!

      By rodpimpin , a 45 yrs. old sugar daddy from Charlotte

    • I like this website because it makes finding a friend/mate a lot easier. Someone that wants the same things you want. Also it’s less judgmental because they are on the site looking for the same thing half the time. And I love to be treated like a lady not a trick or a piece of meat. There’s a difference between that and being easy, or just a gold digger. And here, a lot of men get that! 🙂

      By IM*JUST*ME, a 24 yrs. old sugar baby from Oklahoma

  • Negative testimonials we collected online about

    • This site is full of garbage.I’ve been a sugar baby for awhile now.

      I met only 2 guys out of the years I’ve been on the site. And both said they weren’t married and come to find out their wife called me and told me that he was married with kids. Also profiles on there are full of it as well. Pics are old and most men don’t have the money you think they have.

      Also they always ask for sex as well and don’t even know you yet.The only real daddies is at the party’s in NY city.

      By sugar baby sweetty44

    • I have been a member for well over a yr.It has been my experience that most of the women on the site are fake many from other countries (Ghana contact’s a lot), or hookers, most just want money, even if they are real.

      I have no problem giving gifts including money if there truly a soild interest and connection. Yet the majority will want money up front without any meeting. Good way to lose your money. Some will tell you they will travel to meet you if you give them gas money.

      Do not, unless you have money to lose. I have just been victim of harassment from a girl I meet locally. Asked for money before the meeting, I said no, when we met I could tell she was a hooker, walked away. After that, non stop harassing emails, texts, phone calls, all asking for money and then threats from her boyfriend, blackmail.

      I gave customer service her info , (she had two profiles)I had to ask 3 times before they took my profile off line. They have done nothing with hers. Here is my advise, if sounds too good to be true, it is. If they talk money right away, go away.

      If they give you their email on the 1st message, don’t respond. Never give any of your personal info(even last name) until you are sure they are real. Get a email and a cheap pay as you go phone that can’t be tracked, just for this.

      If you give anyone money make it cash, always even if you become friends, you never, never know what will happen in the future.I have a meet a couple nice women, but it is more like 1% of the total.

      By sugar daddy hotmad

    • I signed up for the free trial without reading any reviews beforehand BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I tried contacting them BUT No response from them at all to cancel my free trial and now my Credit card has been charged with tons of stuff I didn’t purchase. I had to freeze my card, and replace. Pay attention to all the warnings and don’t go near that site, not only that everyone on there is fake or a bunch of creeps. It’s just a SCAM website.

      By anonymous

    • After 2 months on the site I find The website is filled with fake profiles, scam artists from Russia and Ukraine. You receive winks and emails from profiles that haven’t been active for months. ( Obviously work from the company trying to keep you interested in the site ).

      The customer service is very poor and rude. They charge you even after you cancel your subscription and you have to file a credit dispute to recover your funds. I would not recommend this site to anyone based on the above.

      You’ll be wasting your time and money .I have used other sites to much success.

      By anonymous

    • Joined the site and bought a month membership with credit card. I cancelled my full access membership after a month doing exactly what they said to do (which is really tough to figure out).

      My credit card was charged again for another month membership and it took a call to customer service and a dispute filed through my credit card to get it settled. Why? Site is set up with fake profiles to lure in a guy and get them to join. Best advice I can give is to beat them at their own game – scramble your contact info like your email address into your profile.

      I was able to and have been contacted by real ladies who also hate the site too.Now it’w worked out well because I’ve met several ladies for free – let the good times roll What goes around comes around!!

      By anonymous