Does Being Rich Make it Easier to Find Love?

rich men datingIt’s a tough world out there in relationship land. Whether you’re male or female, employed or not, whatever your race, height, age, whether you’re a supermodel or a person of average looks matters not – the search for love is one fraught with joys, hardships, trials and tribulations.

Looking over at the greener side of the fence, one might wonder – is it easier to find love if you’re wealthy?

The answer is yes… and no.

Meet two young men.

Franklin Financier is a well-heeled, well-to-do gentleman of some means. He enjoys impromptu weekend getaways, his exclusive golf club, where he’s a longtime member, and wine tastings. He single, and takes his dates out to the trendiest new restaurants, off-Broadway productions, and has bouquets of roses sent to their offices.

On the other side of the coin, Sam College is a young man of limited means. Like most students his age, he’s on a tight budget. To Sammy, eating out means hitting up McDonald’s – and that’s after payday at the GAP. He enjoys walks on the beach, browsing used bookstores, and taking his bike out for a spin. But he finds inexpensive and romantic ways to woo his girlfriend of two years, taking her on picnics, out stargazing, and to cheap nights at the movies. He’s an English major, so he writes her poems, and they’re pretty good. Although Sam has to be creative, he can be just as romantic (and some would say more so, because he puts a lot of thought into it) than Franklin.

Initially, wealthier men like Franklin might attract more women. He might appear more confident, successful, and on-the-ball. Women, no matter how independent they are, still like to feel pampered and like a man can take care of their needs, should they require him to. But in the end, it’s still the man’s personality that will carry him far in a relationship. Franklin may have the upper hand in the beginning, but Sam, whose personality shines to compensate for any perceived shortfall, might have better luck long-term.

Also, one has to consider whether the women that Franklin is attracting likes him – or his money and his success. Franklin often wonders that himself. If he were to suddenly lose his status, and the contents of his bank account, would his lady friends still like him for who he is? Or would they jump ship? While Sam has his own set of concerns, at least he knows that his girlfriend’s intentions are genuine.

Either way, relationships are never easy. The best thing to do is to embrace what you’ve got – and if you don’t like what you’ve got, work to change it. But if you do that, do it for yourself.