Do rich man dating sites work?

rich men datingYou’ve got all your ducks in a row – you’re doing well at work, you have your own apartment that you love and friends and family that are there for you. You’ve even gone on a feng shui attack to bring in good luck. You’ve decided that you are ready to meet a man, and want it to be one who is financially stable, who you don’t have to support for once.

But everywhere you go – to bars, clubs, to meet friends of friends – you meet these struggling artist types and athletic boys with more muscles than bucks in their bank account. You want to meet someone with money.

Over cocktails one day, you confide in a friend, and she whispers to you that she’s met someone – over a rich men dating site. She says it’s going well. He’s good to her, he treats her well, takes her out for amazing dinners and fabulous weekend trips. She’s loving being a sugar baby, and suggests you try it too. Your question is, is your friend the exception, or the rule? Do these rich men dating sites actually work?

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The answer is yes, as long as you know what you are looking for, and set your boundaries.

When looking on the dating sites, and creating your profile, be absolutely honest about your appearance, your job, your expectations from the man and what you can give. That way, the man can’t hold you to something that didn’t say you would do.

Make the man accountable for what he offers. If you are looking for a man to take you out to a fancy dinner one night a week, make sure he does that, and doesn’t squirm out of his promise.

If you are looking for commitment, make sure that is what the man is offering before you agree to be his sugar baby.

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If necessary, conduct background checks on each other, to be sure of who he says he is, what job he holds, and how much he earns. If you are not sure of a man’s health, make him get a blood test. Offer to do the same for both. After all, turnabout is fair play.

We can’t emphasize the honesty point enough. It’s everything in a relationship that is built on both trust and business. As long as everything is kept out in the open, you both minimize your chances of being hurt.

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