5 Signs it’s Time to End a Relationship with a Rich Man

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If you grew up dreaming about finding the rich man of your dreams it can be quite a letdown if you find the perfect man and things start to go sideways. Not all relationships are meant to last, but it can be difficult recognizing the signs of a relationship that’s about to implode. Even when the signs are there, it’s not unusual to ignore them because you just don’t want the relationship to end. This may be especially true if the man you don’t want to end the relationship with happens to be the rich man of your dreams. Here are 5 signs it’s time to end a relationship with a rich man.

#1 It’s likely time to walk away when his sexual preferences make you extremely uncomfortable. For many people a little bit of sexual experimentation is not a bad thing. Perhaps you don’t mind a little role playing, or maybe you’re even willing to try a little bit of swinging – the boundaries should always be yours to define. If at any point you’re not enjoying the way things are going, and your partners not willing to accommodate your needs, it’s probably time to get out. There’s no point in continuing a relationship with incompatible sexual tastes.

#2 If he’s verbally abusive it’s time to leave before things get worse. Unfortunately, there are rich men on millionaire dating websites that feel you owe them something for letting you share their lifestyle. If you’re sugar daddy starts to become verbally abusive and rude let him know you don’t find his behaviour acceptable. If he continues down this path no matter what you say it’s time to get out.

#3 When you find yourself left at home, more often than not, it’s time to reconsider your relationship. We’ve all been in a relationship where you start to wonder if you’re anything more than a booty call. You’re man may professes his love but doesn’t want to take you out anywhere and always seems to want to come over after the bar. Rich men are just as guilty of this as other men – if not more so. Let him know this simply isn’t working for you, if it doesn’t change after one or more conversations it’s time to move on.

#4 If your man is consistently disrespectful to you in public he’s probably not the man of your dreams. No matter what you think you may be giving up don’t let a rich man treat you as nothing more than a trophy. If he’s constantly commenting to his friends within your earshot about your great behind that’s a sure sign he sees you as little more than a trophy. Confront him on it, and if he doesn’t change his behaviour end the relationship because it’s not a healthy one anyway.

#5 If your rich man is constantly flirting with other women it’s time to move on. It’s no secret that a good looking rich man no matter offline or online millionaire dating sites will probably have woman fawning all over them. There’s not much you can do about that, but if he truly wants to be with you he should make this clear to these other woman whenever they make advances. If he’s constantly flirting and returning their affections you have to seriously question his commitment to you. Once again, confront him on it – if nothing changes walk away.

The Final Word

Rich men aren’t all that different from other men – except that their wealth makes it easier for them to live out their fantasies. If they’re serious about a relationship with you they will treat you with respect and accept your boundaries. If they don’t pay attention to your own needs and wishes it’s time to get out of the relationship before you start to feel trapped – no matter how much you’ve dreamed of finding the perfect rich man to spend the rest of your life with.